Five days workshop on yogic breathing

This programme is designed in a way that participants get benefitted by traditional classical pranayama techniques with its real extractions from ancient yoga books with all dimensions touched properly including theory philosophy and practice. Mantra chanting in the beginning and end of each section create a positive atmosphere in the class 

Benu Sreedhar is trained in field of yoga in 2003 from Bihar school of yoga and since then learning and teaching he hold two University degrees in yoga and ten years teaching experience 

Day one 

Orientation know each other tell about myself share experience what we have in yoga field 

Introduction of the workshop benu will give an idea of what the way classes are how to connect together through online 

Participants will get copies of mantras we are going to chant daily
Disclosure on how important pranayama can be if we do it on our body and mind Names of pranayama in sanscrit English
A beginning with nostril breathings 

Mudras used for pranayama Chanting of shanti mantras 

Question answer time 

Day two 

Continuation of previous section
Nadishodhana pranayama and anuloma viloma variations Kapalbhati pranayama
Ten minutes meditation
Mantra q 

Question answer time 

Day three 

Bhramari pranayama
Ujjayi pranayama two powerful breathings from yoga traditional which takes us to meditation levels Short meditation

Day four 

Seethali pranayama Sitkari pranayama Suryabheda pranayama Swana pranayama 

Yogic breathing pranayama Mantra chanting 

Question answer time 

Day five 

A complete practical section with guided instruction of all breathing techniques 

Half an hour at the end we will be able to make a half an hour package of what we learned for keeping as a daily practice of important pranayama s daily 

• So this five days section a participant is able to learn techniques of pranayama for daily practice it’s benefits time of practice contra indication dosage description and prescription in addition how to chant some of selected peaceful mantras for positive energy and will get a small pranayama document from benu from india to all those attending 

Time 8.00 AM to 9.30 AM greece time 4 .00 pm to 5.30 Pm greece time
Dates Monday to Friday

September 21 to 25

October 5 to 9

October 19 to 23

One to one course is available too contact hatha studio for further details and prices
Don’t miss this opportunity 

Pre book your seats as we limit number of participants as to give maximum knowledge and attention to each one as it is online 

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