Evolution, Freedom & Yoga

Shamanism, Evolution, Freedom & Yoga

4 - 6 October 2019 Athens, Greece.
35A Tripoleos street, 15231 Halandri (Attika)
For more information, contact us: ashtangayogahellas@gmail.com

Association of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Greece and Hatha Yoga & Pilates Studio Patras are proud to welcome Danny Paradise, for a three day workshop in Athens, suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Yoga is an ancestral gift to the Human Race from Nature to help reconnect us to the Journey of the Soul. It has connections to all Sacred, Indigenous, Shamanic Spiritual Traditions. Danny begins each class with a short discussion on perspectives of these Shamanic technologies that lead us to healing, evolutionary consciousness and personal communication to the Spirit without the Intermediary or guru.


Asana and Pranayama Practice:
A non-dogmatic, playful approach to the exploration of Ashtanga Yoga including an Expanded Standing sequence with derivative routines, Egyptian Elements, Taoist Positions, modifications, variations, including an Introduction to Primary Series, 2nd series and beyond with derivative poses, variations, modifications ... for all levels of practitioners or teachers of all forms of Yoga

1st Class:
Friday 9:.00am - 1/1:3pm
Discussion: Yoga and Shamanism: Journey of the Soul, Connections of Yoga to Sacred Indigenous Spiritual Traditions, Fulfilling Personal Destiny, Your Dream As Your Masterpiece

Practice: Pranayama: An accessible introduction to the 6 exercises of the Pranayama routine from Ashtanga Yoga.

Asana: An Introduction to Danny’s approach using traditional sequencing of the Standing positions and finishing positions with derivative routines, modifications, variations from Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Egyptian Yoga.

2nd Class:
Saturday 9.:00am - 1/1:30pm
Discussion: Healing Perspectives of Yoga, Shamanism, and Indigenous Traditions Worldwide.
Personal Authority, Personal Responsibility.
Freedom, Developing a Lifetime Sacred, Healing Practice
Effects of Pranayama

Pranayama: Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Pranayama.
An exploration of the 6 exercises from the classical routine of Pranayama from the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga.

Asana Practice: An exploration of Ashtanga Yoga with modifications, variations and derivative routines in the standing sequence as well as during elements of primary and intermediate series.

3rd Class:
9:00am - 1/1:30pm
Discussion: Chakras-Balancing Life Force.
Yoga, Shamanism and Aging, Approaching Transition with Vitality, Clarity and Peace

Practice: Ritualistic, Meditative and Therapeutic exploration of Asanas, Martial Arts Positions, Egyptian Yoga with Ashtanga Yoga for all levels. Extended standing sequence, 2nd series and beyond, derivative routines.

One day pass : 70€
Three day pass : 200€
Early bird registration : 185€, paid until August 31st

For reservations, registration please contact us :
Email : ashtangayogahellas@gmail.com