Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Gozo (Malta)

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Gozo (Malta) with Dimitrios Dibelo
Date: April 22 – 28 2018 
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The Ashtanga Vinyasa workshop with Dimitrios Dibelo is offered in a package that includes 6-night accommodation in Gozo (Malta).
Ta Oneira B&B offers various spaces with different atmospheres in a charming, traditional and full of history house. Located five minutes away from Marsalforn, Xwejni bay and 10 from the capital Victoria.: Ta Oneira B&B
Workshop-including accommodation, breakfast, lunch, diner, smoothies, tea, juices, Price:  
                      *  800€ for sharing a room, 1080€ for staying alone. For the locals that they wish to attend the whole Workshop including breakfast and drinks
                         380€, for each class 45€ (no breakfast) only drinks
                     * 600€ for Campers including use of facilities, breakfast, lunch, diner, smoothies, tea, jusis  
At the time that Dimitris will be there he will make Ayuverdic Massage Treatments 
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The workshop will focus on Honoring The Beginning.
It will get back to the roots and essence of Ashtanga Vinyasa, offering practitioners of all levels new dimension of yoga: teachers and experienced practitioners will revolutionize their practice; those newer to the practice will have the opportunity to get a solid, profound base of it.
It is not to be missed!
Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga:
“We start with Samasthitihi. The word ‘Sama’ is the first utterance and the most important focal point – the directive – of the practice! It points towards unraveling ourselves from the distorted views, ideas and beliefs that keep us from seeing the sameness, the oneness and the internal harmony of the universal and the individual.
This is yoga and this is Ashtanga yoga. ‘Abide in our true natural state!’ Simple and profound. To be yourself.
Vinyasa is a key concept in this practice. ‘Vinyasa is the breathing system’ Pattabhi would say. The breath and movement become non-separate!Again – Sama – it always points back to sama! The breath we practice is called sama-vrtti-ujjayi-prana-ayama. Not as a sitting down pranayama practice but as a description of the quality of the breath. Equal waves, being controlled into a state of freedom, lifted up through the core, creating an uplifting within the strength of the container. A ‘free breath’. Vinyasa is the linking together of the ‘separate’ BreathMovements.”
“…The three pillars, the principals of practice, can be thought of as ‘anchors’ for the mind, that keep us heading in the correct direction. I call these ‘BreathRootsCore’. Again, the uniting of all three into one!
This will be our exploration. Using the precise sequence of BreathMovements as taught traditionally, not rushing to ‘Get it done’. Rather, ‘unpacking’ the sequence, looking deeper into it, experiencing it in a more intelligent way, honoring the philosophical roots of the practice, experiencing philosophy and practice as one thing.
I don’t care how far you go nor how fast you go. That you understand the direction and quality of effort is more important. It will start slower, it must. We cannot look deeply inside if we continue to run in the same grooves. We need to step out of the regular, habituated patterns of practice in order to evolve (love is in there, in that word!) and go deeper into the essential truths.
Come On. Give it a try. See if you are willing to be a beginner!”
The 6-day workshop daily schedule includes morning & afternoon yoga sessions, breakfast, lunch and dinner, extra activities for those that they want to participate, Welcoming Meditation and knowing each other, closing party with kundalini dance meditation and free time on the Island .
Contact phone: +356 7707 9942
                               Ta Óneira B&B
              Hebron Ghajn Mhelel St.
                     ZBB 1504 Iz-Zebbug
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Dimitris Dibelo was born in Patras in 1978. He studied Marketing and Business
Administration and has worked for multinational companies for years. His yogic journey
originates in 2009, while seeking to cure a serious lower back injury sustained in
basketball. His enthusiasm for yoga lead him to Mother India, the source of yoga, where
he completed the 200hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training  in 2011, as well as the 300hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 201. Recently he got the 2nd level TT in Aerial Yoga
His teaching is influenced by the Ashtanga Vinyasayoga system and his classes are
considered dynamic, vivid and playful, as he combines his Italian temperament and great
sense of humour with a great focus on breath while at the same time respecting the
human body. He has attended numerous yoga workshops with significant Greek and
foreign yoga teachers in Ashtanga, Rocket, Iyengar, Yogic Arts, Dharma, Hatha, Restorative  and Jivamukti yoga. He has attained the 2nd level in Usui Reiki and has a diploma in Ayurvedic massage.
Inspired by Mahatma Ghanti’s philosophy and teachings, he believes that anyone can be
the change they want to see in the world.
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